Cheri Corrado

Having been a business owner since my 20’s, I have developed a passion and skillset for running a small business. I am also very passionate about animals and I love living in Fort Collins. The timing and the opportunity to take over Wagz Pet Market & Grooming in downtown Fort Collins could not have been more perfect. I am able to use my knowledge and experience in all areas of business and apply it in a fun way to serve our community.

My love for animals started at a very early age. I have had pets since I was 3. Personally I have had cats, dogs and ferrets. Currently I have a 21 year old cat with tons of health problems but a strong spirit and a 3 year old lab/pit mix whose sweet, loving nature makes every minute and dollar of her own medical issues worth it.

Before working at Wagz I have volunteered with rescues and also went to Dog’s Own grooming school in 2016 to further my ability and knowledge in working with dogs. Now I groom just occasionally to keep up my skills but my intent is not to be a full time groomer but to grow Wagz into an integral part of the pet & business community in Fort Collins. My mission is to be a force for good in our local pet community and we are constantly finding new ways to do that.

Wagz is the most fun I’ve ever had in business and I hope you will stop in, with your beloved dog(s) if you have them, and join the fun!

phone: 970-482-9249