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Full Service One on One Grooming Salon for both Cats & Dogs

Bath & Brush

Bath & Brush includes brush out, nail trim, pads*, feet trim*, ear cleaning, bath & blow dry.

Full Groom

Full Groom includes Bath & Brush as well as a haircut.

Additional Services

  • Nail Grinding
  • Teeth Brushing
  • Anal Gland Expression
  • Small animal nail trims
  • Deshedding Treatment


Schedule an Appointment

Please call us at 970-232-9144 to schedule and appointment.

Grooming FAQs

How much does it cost to groom my dog?

Grooming pricing is based upon breed, coat condition, the services you are looking for and behavior of your dog. Please call the store at 970-232-9144 for a quote based upon the above guidelines.

What products are you using?

Through years of research and testing different brands, we have chosen products that have clear ingredients that are safe for both our pets & our groomers. Our selection of shampoos & conditioners contain natural ingredients that provide benefits to your animal’s skin & coat. Additionally, we carry hypoallergenic options for dogs with sensitivities.

How often do I groom my dog?

Depending on the breed, our groomers recommend seeing their clients every 4-8 weeks for a full groom and monthly for nail trims. Talk to your groomer about your dog’s specific coat needs. Maintenance services in between grooms is also important to prevent matting. Wagz provides professional maintenance brushing services as well.

When do I start grooming my puppy?

The sooner, the better! Getting your puppy used to grooming at a young age is essential in providing a healthy lifestyle. We recommend starting with the basics including a bath or nail trim while also introducing the blow dryer. Our groomers will start their relationship by creating a positive experience: snuggles, patience and treats. It is important to practice at home too. Wagz carries brushes & nail trimmers for purchase to use in between grooms. You may read our post regarding Cooperative Care.

Does Wagz handle flea treatment?

Wagz is a small salon. For the safety of all of our clients we do not handle pets with fleas.

Wagz Pet Grooming

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