Wagz Grooming

Because Price varies based on the size, coat length and condition as well as the behavior of your dog, it is hard to post prices here. Please call us or come in with your pet and we can give you a price range with a little information. Then once your groomer has seen the dog at check in, she can give you a more definitive price before the groom.  Call us at 970-232-9144 for price ranges and to answer any questions you may have.
Please call us at 970-232-9144 to schedule and appointment.
Groomers schedules vary, so please call for an appointment first.

Grooming Services

Bath & Brush includes brush out, nail trim, pads*, feet trim*, ear cleaning, bath & blow dry. (Anal glands expressed only by request)
*Dogs only
Full Groom includes Bath & Brush as well as a hair cut.

Additional services offered:

  • Nail Grinding
  • Teeth Brushing
  • Anal Gland Expression
  • Small animal nail trims
  • Deshedding Treatment

Wagz Grooming Salon only uses high quality, all-natural products

Wagz groomers are professionally trained and have extensive experience in both the grooming and animal fields

Wagz groomers employ safe and effective handling techniques

Wagz Grooming Salon is a quiet, low stress environment. We only take appointments and have a limited number of pets at a time to ensure a safe and calm environment.
The conveniently located loading zone directly out front allows for easy drop off and pick up, even in the heart of Old Town Fort Collins
Wagz Pet Market and Wagz Grooming are a locally owned and operated, small business in Old Town Fort Collins
Wagz Grooming only uses high quality, all natural products; from shampoos, to toothpaste, to our cleaners, none of our products contain harsh chemicals, which is good for our pooches and the planet.
We have professionally trained groomers with extensive experience in both the grooming and animal fields (almost 30 years of combined experience!). We employ safe and effective handling techniques based on the individual personalities of the dogs and are sensitive to any physical limitations. Our first priority is always the safety and comfort of our canine clients.
We work closely with our clients to formulate a personalized grooming program to best fit the needs of their pets. We are pleased to adjust any groom to the unique style of the pet parents, but are well versed in all ‘pet style’ and breed specific grooms. Our groomers are also happy to suggest grooming solutions and styles for those clients who are new to grooming.
Our quiet, low stress environment ensures the pets in our care receive the most positive grooming experience possible. We take pride in focusing on a limited number of pets at a time, meaning that there are no extra stress factors or distractions to detract from the groomers (or pets!) focus. This equals a safer, happier groom for everyone!
One of our goals is to educate our pet parents on the relationship between grooming and total pet wellness; we don’t just want our clients to look good, we want them to feel good too!
Ways parents can help make the grooming experience better:
  • If you have a puppy, start them off early with nail trims and baths to get them used to going to the groomer.

  • If you have a long hair dog, brushing them regularly is crucial to their health. Mats can not only be painful pulling on their skin, they can also cut off blood flow or hide skin disorders and irritations. Also, the process of brushing out matts can be painful for the dog. Although we try to be as gentle as possible, there is always the risk of brush burn, clipper burn and pulling on the skin. Adding an hour or more of brushing out mats to an already lengthy groom creates additional stress for you dog. Our groomers are happy to show you the proper tools and techniques for keeping your dog mat free between grooms.

  • If you simply prefer to have a groomer brush out your dog, we have a maintenance package to make it more cost effective for you.

  • The majority of the time, dogs are more stressed and resistant to their groom when they can see their parents. It is best to leave your dog and stay out of sight, even when they are just getting a quick nail trim.

  • Dogs are very in tune to energy. If you make a fuss over leaving your dog, they tend to have a harder time being left. If you confidently turn your dog over the to the groomer and say a quick goodbye they are more likely to go with the groomer. If you resist, they resist.

  • Let the groomers know if your dog has had any health issues or stressful changes or experiences in their environment so we can be conscious of these things as we work with your pet.