About Wagz

A Place That’ll Make Your Tail Wag!

A Staple of the Fort Collins Community

At Wagz, we care about your pet’s experience, as a store customer and as a grooming client. Our goal is to make them feel safe and loved. Everyone on our team is a pet parent and we will take care of your pets just as we take care of our own.

Knowledge & Experience You Can Trust

We are a learning based company. We take time to learn about the brands we carry, nutritional benefits of our foods, safety with toys and accessories as well as best practices for grooming.

If we don’t know the answer about our products, we will contact the company and find out for you.

A Fun Place to Visit

Besides looking at some of our unique products or adorable cookies, there is almost always a dog to say hi to or watch being groomed. And for dogs, of course, they encounter lots of delicious smelling treats, sometimes make a new doggie friend and always get lots of love (and maybe some treats) from our friendly staff. Wagz is a happy place for dogs, and happy dogs with wagging tails tends to be contagious!


It’s about our furry friends…

It’s not really about us or our amazing staff, it’s about our furry friends and wanting to provide the best products & services available for the well being and happiness of our canine and feline family members.

Fur Motivates Us.

At Wagz we are motivated by our vision and passion for this industry. No other pet store offers such an easy and fun shopping experience for people who love their dogs and cats as much as we do.

To help us further expand the Wagz experience, we have formed a stellar team of passionate and talented retail professionals. We all came from different backgrounds but all have a common bond… our love for our own furry children and their desire to make Wagz the best it can be and a vital part of the Fort Collins community.

Reach out today

Have any other questions about the market? Interested in scheduling a grooming? Contact us today!