It’s about our furry friends…

It’s not really about us or our amazing staff, it’s about our furry friends and wanting to provide the best products & services available for the well being and happiness of our canine and feline family members.

The idea of Wagz sprouted from the creative minds of two Fort Collins, CO residents, Matt & Cristin Gauthier. It was fueled by their love for their dog and cat family consisting of two dogs and three cats. Wagz was built from the ground up to grow from a strong foundation of creative input, high quality products, knowledgeable, friendly service and their own unique style. They opened their brick and mortar store in the Old Town District of Fort Collins, CO in 2007. Wagz quickly became an important part of the community, a resource for finding everything for your dog and cat and providing the best quality and service in a fun environment. An online store was added to better serve the community.

With a growing family and other obligations, the Gauthiers found they could no longer give Wagz the time and attention it needed. Instead of closing it down, they chose to find new owner, Cheri Corrado, who could take the torch that they lit and carry on with the same passion and love for their customers, both human and furry. Today Wagz continues in its tradition to be an active part of the Fort Collins community and a fun stop for locals and tourists alike.

Fur Motivates Us…

At Wagz we are motivated by our vision and passion for this industry. No other pet store offers such an easy and fun shopping experience for people who love their dogs and cats as much as we do.

To help us further expand the Wagz experience, we have formed a stellar team of passionate and talented retail professionals. We all came from different backgrounds but all have a common bond… our love for our own furry children and their desire to make Wagz the best it can be and a vital part of the Fort Collins community.